Are DOGS beneficial to your HEALTH? Fan Friday 149 #PetsforHealth

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Happy Fan Friday #Pawdience ! For those of you that may be new to Fan Friday, this is the day of the week where we take questions that were posted on our Facebook Page, our Instagram account, and our Twitter account and we answer them for you!  If we didn’t get to your question this week, you can always try again next week!  Here is a list of the questions we got for this weeks Fan Friday!

  • Yes we got a new rug!
  • Yes, Oakley’s birthday is coming, and Yes, she will be getting a Birthday video too!
  • How do you train your dog to come when called? Train recall?
  • What is your opinion on Potty Bells?
  • Are dogs beneficial to your Health?
  • My dog is overly playful, how can I slow her down?
  • How to we teach our dog Potty time is not Playtime?
  • My husky puppy spends hours outside and then comes inside and pees! Help?
  • What medicine do you give your dogs for flea and heart worm protection?
  • Can you do a video of Oakley and Memphis swimming?

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It's time for Fan Friday!

It’s time for Fan Friday!

PetBox Review Treat Launcher, Cookies to Share, and More

It’s time for another PetBox Review!  Don’t forget you can get 10% off or your subscription to PetBox by using the code GTTSD . Let get on to the review!

The above video shows the girls reviewing their newest PetBox!

PetBox is a monthly subscription box for your pet that includes a nice variety of high quality pet products. They aren’t just for dogs – PetBox also offers a box for cats! Our past PetBoxes have included grooming products, treats, dog food, and toys.

Every month you get a certain amount of points, and you can use those points to choose which products you are going to receive in your PetBox, or you can have a surprise box delivered!  We have done both.  Some months we get a surprise, and some months we pick and choose. And to make things even better, with each PetBox that is shipped out, hungry shelter animal gets one meal!

For this month’s PetBox, as you see in the video, we got a lot of really cool items!  Let me list them for you below:

As you can see in the video, the Treat Launcher is really fun. It took our huskies a bit to catch on, but after a bit of practice they now understand that treats fly out and they can catch them!  How fun is that!

And yes, we really did eat a dog treat!  And yes, they really did taste good!

We love our monthly box of goodies from PetBox!  Don’t forget, it you want to sign up for your own PetBox, use the code GTTSD to receive 10% off your order!

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PetBox Review

Shelby, Memphis, and Oakley give their review of the PetBox


Tomorrow is #FanFriday ! Do…

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Photo Caption: Tomorrow is #FanFriday ! Do you have any questions for us? And yes Oakley’s birthday is coming! May 8th. She will get a birthday video also! So any cards or gifts sent to her will be in her video! GonetotheSnowDogs, P.O. Box 12, Alpena, Million 49707

Britain’s Biggest dog! GIANT Great Dane! – Video

Britain’s GIANT Great Dane is on track to become the next Guinness World Record holding dog!   His name is Freddy and he is 7 feet, 4 inches tall!  Holy Dog! His name is Freddy, and his owner states that Freddy started out as the runt of the litter! He then went through a massive growth spurt.  Did we mention that he is only 18 months old?  He still has a lot of growing to do!  Do you think he will top current record holder Zues (who current stands 7 feet 4 inches)?  We think he has a good chance!

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Britain's Biggest Dog

Britain’s Biggest Dog



VLOG – Firefighter Memorial and EAGLE!!!

Jamie and I took a drive in the Jeep to go pick up our new Trailer!  I found this trailer for sale on Facebook, and it was perfect for us!  We drove about 2 hours to pick it up.  Along the way we saw a few new places we had never been before, found the remnants of a forest fire, and saw a beautiful Bald Eagle in the field!  Thanks for watching!

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