VLOG – Firefighter Memorial and EAGLE!!!

Jamie and I took a drive in the Jeep to go pick up our new Trailer!  I found this trailer for sale on Facebook, and it was perfect for us!  We drove about 2 hours to pick it up.  Along the way we saw a few new places we had never been before, found the remnants of a forest fire, and saw a beautiful Bald Eagle in the field!  Thanks for watching!

Huskies Love EASTER EGGS? Kong Stuff’n Time! GIVEAWAY

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Easter is coming! It’s time for a fun Easter themed treat for the girls! Today we are making Kong Stuffing!

Hard Boiled Eggs (or scrambled eggs)
Shredded Carrots
Shredded Cheese
Greek Yogurt

Mix it all together, and stuff it in a Kong Toy! You can then Freeze it so they last longer, or treat them right away!

#GoodNight #Pawdience we opened up…

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Photo Caption: #GoodNight #Pawdience we opened up our couch bed and Oakley fell in love! Silly dog. Www.YouTube.com/GonetotheSnowDogs Check out our Channel! #GonetotheSnowDogs #GTTSD #SiberianHusky #husky #bedtime #sleep #dogsofinstagram #huskyofinstagram

Siberian Husky HOWLING Dog Howl *SNOW DOG SHORT 25*

This video might Make your Dog Howl
Siberian Husky Howling Dog Howling How to Howl
Yes Siberian Huskies love to Howl and Sing. The majority of them will do it for no reason at all, and some of them just need another Husky around to sing with them!



How do you get over Losing a pet? Fan Friday 148

Buy a Springer!! http://full.sc/1ceTYmc
How do you handle loosing a pet?
How to do you teach a dog to enjoy biking with the Springer?
Will a second husky calm down my first husky?
Do you walk all 3 of your dogs at the same time?
What are the mushing commands that a sled dog needs to know?
Are antlers safe for dogs?
How can my mom teach me to enjoy being outside alone?
How do you handle a job and three dogs?
Who takes care of the dogs more?
What color are the dogs collars?
How many toys do the girls have?



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