Husky CRASHES into Mercedes!

Husky Crashes car! - Picture: Galina Baranova

Husky Crashes car! – Picture: Galina Baranova

A Siberian Husky puppy that was left in a car, decided to go for a joyride and crashed into quite a few cars in a parking lot.  According to report we have read, the car was not running.  The owner had left the puppy to run into a parts store near by. As many Husky owners know, Huskies get bored easily, and Husky puppies almost always seem to be bored if you are not moving.

Less then minutes after his owner was out of sight, the husky puppy named Lada, went crazy inside of the car.  Somehow the pup managed to start the car! The car was parked on a hill, which apparently helped to get it moving.  Onlookers said the pup even had it’s paws on the steering wheel and was turning the car in circles, which is what caused him to hit so many cars.

The Puppy was unharmed in the incident!  Just let this be a reminder to any Husky owner; just because you think your dog is safe in the car for a moment, Huskies are extremely smart.  They might just start your car and go for a joyride!

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Gemstones! EGG WARS! Easter with the family!

Well I hope you all had a very Happy Easter!  We spent the day at my parents!  They just came back from vacation and they brought back a bucket of dirt for us to go through to find gemstones!  That was so much fun!  Our entire family seems to be rock hounds!  My parents also bought a geode to crack open!

So we sat our side in the sprinkling rain on Easter Day and sifted through 20 pounds of red dirt to find all kinds of fun stones.  The one I reference in the video and call the dark crystal is one that my mom told me to keep.  So of course, I did!

At dinner we had our traditional Egg Wars!  Do any of you do egg wars at Easter?  I swear my Mom always wins!  The food was great, the company was amazing, and a good time was had by all!

After dinner, my Mom and Dad wanted to head to my grandparent’s grave site.  That gave me an idea.  We wanted to take them to the Mystery Falls Sinkhole.  It is one of the few places up here that they haven’t seen!  So we headed out down the back roads to the secret hidden gem in the woods.  It’s such an amazing area!  I wish the county would have made it into a park like the owner had wanted!  Maybe someday, his dream will come true.

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A Geode my parents cracked open

Cuddle CLONE SHILOH the Siberian Husky


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We finally got our Cuddle Clone of Shiloh!  This is just an amazing piece of artwork.  Now I say artwork, because that really is what this is.  This is 100% custom designed, matched to photos we sent of our Shiloh.  There is not another one out there like it.  It … Continue reading

Floating Ice on the Bay!

It’s Vlog time!  Remember a few weeks ago, when we were complaining about our renters that were moving out?  Well, when they moved out, there was quite a bit of snow and ice still on the ground.  Now that all of that has melted, we have found out that they destroyed our yard. They had a dog and apparently, they just let it rip up the yard.  Mind you, we owned two dogs when we lived there, and the yard NEVER looked like that. I will say I will say it again, it’s all about respect.  If that is the way these people are going to treat their home, because it may be “just a rental” but it’s still their home when they are there, can you imagine how they treat their child, or each other?  Respect!!!

So after cleaning up their dogs mess, and being upset that the yard is going to cost us quite a bit of money to repair, I wanted to go check out the ice in the bay.  When we headed out to Blair street pier, there was no wind.  The lake was so calm, and within minutes the wind picked right up, and the ice started to shift and move, and we got cold!  So we headed home for a bit.

To make a great end to a not so great start of the day, we headed out to get Dairy Queen for dinner!  It was cold, and rainy, but it still made a great end to a not so great day!

Floating Ice

Ice breaking up on Thunder Bay on Lake Huron

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