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This is the homepage of Gone to the Snow Dogs from Youtube.com!  If you don't know who we are, check us out atwww.YouTube.com/GonetotheSnowDogsWe do at least 3 videos a week of our dogs, just being dogs!  From camping, to hiking, to the ever popular Fan Friday show where we answer quesions from you, our fans!  What are you waiting for, head to YouTube and click that Subscribe Button to follow our lives!
Shelby, Oakley, Memphis and FurAngel Shiloh are so happy that you are supporting them in their adventures!  And we are so glad that we are able to share them with all of you and make everyone smile!
My husband and I also have another channel atYouTube.com/WithouttheSnowDogswhere we share our personal lives!  We do 3 videos a week over there too!  And yes, even though it says without them, the girls are usually in the videos too!
Thanks for stopping by our site!  Feel free to look around!